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Cr Sean Choat, Member

Sean Choat was elected to the Somerset Regional Council in 2016.

Prior to being elected as a Councillor, Sean’s community involvement included honorary service in numerous association committee and advocacy positions, most notably with his election as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland from 2012 until 2015.

Sean has a keen interest in community infrastructure development with his service as an MLA including notable achievements such as the construction of the Brisbane Valley Interchange at Blacksoil which saw a state-commonwealth investment of $94 million, making a safe and functional interchange between the Warrego and Brisbane Valley Highways.

Sean has over 30 years’ experience in the vocational education and training sector and is passionate about trade training and skills development. He believes the opportunities available through the trades and associated heavy industries are a must to ensure the ongoing development of Ipswich and West Moreton Region and its districts.

Sean is passionate about the Somerset and its people whereas a Councillor, he believes there is much potential for the continued development of the local economy in primary production, natural resources and growing the tourism and services industries.

Sean lives at Glamorgan Vale with his wife Nicola and their three children. He is well known for his candid connection with local residents, his love of poultry and pigeons and his inclusive approach to community service.

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